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Taking a proactive approach to injury prevention starts with a structured plan and increasing the physical readiness of a runner. Often over looked, strength and conditioning for runners is becoming increasingly important in reducing the risk of injury and enhancing performance. As well as building stronger, faster runners, strength training enables you to train more consistently, thus leading to improved performances.

How does running strength training differ from personal training?

As a runner myself who has overcome a series of serious injuries I have experienced first hand the importance of a well designed gym programme. The running strength aspect of my work involves preparing runners for the specific demands of running. Personal training is a more generic approach to your overall fitness and includes aspects such as weight loss, fat loss and living an overall healthier lifestyle. With regards strength and conditioning for runners, I am focusing on performance and helping you become the best runners you can be.

Putting on muscle bulk isn’t advisable for endurance runners, getting stronger without adding unwanted mass is the goal with the strength training.

One Session

30£Per Session
  • Running specific strength and conditioning session

Block Booking

160£For 8 Sessions
  • Block booking of 8 sessions

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    Looking for a personal trainer to offer accountability or motivation in your training? If you feel like you’ve reached a plateau or you’re ready to take your training to the next level, Stockport Personal Training can offer science driven training with proven results to help you achieve your goals.


    Even if you’re an experienced trainer working with us can help give you some new ideas and offer a different stimulus. No two people are the same, with different strengths and weaknesses and often pursue different goals when exercising. specialising in bringing individualised results in fat loss, toning and muscle building. Personal training sessions are completely personal and are designed in accordance with your goals and lifestyle, taking into account work and family commitments. The sessions are delivered in such a way to provide the best in inspiration and motivation to ensure that you enjoy the process while continually making progress.

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    Sports massage is a special form of massage used before, during and after exercise.  The purpose of Sports Massage is to drain away fatigue, relieve swelling, reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility and to prevent injuries and is recognised both with professional athletes and amateurs.


    Massages are especially beneficial to help break down and remove minor injuries due to overexertion and or over use.  This can then prepare you better for your next session so you are in peak condition to perform and work out at your very best this ensuring you get the best results possible and help you reach your goals and aims meaning anything is possible.

    The main benefits of Sports Massage include: Reduces muscle soreness, reduces muscle fatigue, reduces muscle tension, reduces muscle inflammation, improves muscle flexibility, increased muscle recovery time and an increased feel good factor after a hard session. Sports Massage can also help with certain injuries and conditions such as arthritis, muscle tightness and returning from serious injuries. 

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    £20.00 30-minutes
    £30.00 60-minutes



     Partnering with JM Run Coaching the Club House is a library of all training support. From nutrition advice and meal recipes to running technique and drills, the members zone aims to be helpful, motivational and fun.


    The Club House is the cost effective way to tap into the mind of an elite distance runner, helping to support his journey as a professional athlete funding training and living costs starting at just £2 per month.

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    One-Year Membership – £24.00 



    JM Coaching offer a range of training plans available on TrainingPeaks, with prices starting from as little as $5.99. To see the full range of plans check out my TrainingPeaks page. The generic plans aren’t personalised and as a result priced accordingly.

    Stockport Personal Training can also make to order generic plans – please contact me for more details and for a price.


    Sophie Mellor The Personal Trainer

    Initially qualifying as a personal trainer in 2010 I have worked in the fitness industry ever since as well as competing as a runner. Through my background as an athlete I have focused on working as a strength and conditioning coach with runners helping to reduce their risk of injury and improve their speed.

    Build stronger, faster runners and prevent injury.

    In all sports we experience highs and lows and after a catalogue of injuries, (stress fracture, torn plantar fascia, torn calf) and finally undergoing knee surgery in 2018 I have spent hours in the gym rehabbing and improving my general conditioning. Often it’s through the lows that we learn more. I have worked with some of the UK’s leading physiotherapists and strength coaches including Chris Bramah and have learnt so much more about my body and what it takes to deal both mentally and physically with injuries. I want to make the most of these experiences helping others avoid the same issues I’ve had and ultimately helping runners become stronger and faster.

    Having moved to the Stockport area in 2016 having re-located from Liverpool I joined the team at Benchmark in Stockport and have since developed a great understanding and knowledge of what it takes to help transform peoples lives through fitness. I currently lead FITT classes and offer support at the lifting classes working with a range of clients.