Summer Training

|||Summer Training

Training in the summer can be one of the best times of the year to run, with plenty of races around to maintain motivation and long summer days to fit extra miles in. Check out our top-10 tips below to get the most out of your summer season and make it one to remember:

1)   LONGER DAYS – Take advantage of long summer days and try when possible to run at the coolest part of the day, ideally morning or evening. Running first thing in the morning can lead to clearer thinking and increased energy levels during daytime activities as well as inspiring you to keep up the good work and eat well for the rest of the day!

2)   HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE – Hot summer days mean upping your fluid intake. Sports drinks beat water because they contain electrolytes, which increase your water-absorption rate, replace the electrolytes you lose in sweat, and taste good, making it easy to drink more! Remember to drink both before and after training. I also highly recommend SOS Rehydrate as my go to rehydration drink. Don’t forget to look out for a discount code coming soon!

3)   TAKE COVER – Mix up the terrain you run on and seek shade by running in the park or woods. Not only is it a great strength workout it’s also good for your joints and bones. Take a trip to the seaside and make the most of the ocean breeze; you can also reward yourself with a refreshing dip in the water afterwards! Hilbre Island anyone??

4)   BE FLEXIBLE – Try avoid running long or high intensity sessions on particularly hot days and don’t be afraid to be flexible and rearrange your schedule accordingly. If you’re on a personal plan drop me a message if you’re particularly worried about changing things up.

5)   WEAR THE RIGHT KIT – Wear running kit, light in colour, which is lightweight and has vents or mesh. Modern sportswear is best as it keeps sweat off your skin and minimises the risk of chafing. Hat and sunglasses is also a great idea when running in direct sunlight.

6)   APPLY SUNSCREEN – The benefits of applying sunscreen are multiple and part of a safe approach to training. When training use a water-resistant sunscreen.

7)   LIMIT ALCOHOL – While it may be tempting to head to the beer garden, be mindful that alcohol is a diuretic and makes you need the toilet, which in turn can make you dehydrated. Summer evenings don’t have to mean a BBQ or trip to the local pub, instead make the most of the nice weather and catch up with friends while, getting some training in together in the process.

8)   SLOW DOWN – Don’t be afraid to slow down with the increase in temperature. Don’t fight to run a certain pace instead just enjoy time on your feet.

9)   CHECK THE WEATHER BEFORE YOU LEAVE – As with any season, the weather can be unpredictable and it makes sense to plan your training by checking the weather forecast first so you can prepare accordingly.

10)  ENJOY YOURSELF – Make the most of this fantastic spell and enjoy your running. Remember a fast runner is a happy runner and who wouldn’t want to be out in that sunshine running around the forest, or those quiet summer mornings listening to the birds singing!